YHAI is an associate member of Hostelling International (Welwyn Garden City, U. K.), having a network of more than 4000 youth hostels across 90 countries, and a membership count of more than 4.5 million people.
YHAI currently has more than 70 Youth Hostels in India, which is a destination to all the members of the HI family.  These hostels are spread across 23 states in India. Moreover, YHAI also organizes various activities and events to promote the Hostelling Movement and develop in people, a sense of travelling for knowledge, mutual understanding, love and care for nature and respect for other cultures.
In order to expand the network of hostels, YHAI has come up with the scheme of LYH- Licensee Youth Hostels. This scheme enables the hotels and guest houses to affiliate with YHAI, which subscribe to YHAI’s ideology and are willing to become a part of this large network.
Youth Hostel (YH) is a Home Away From Home. These are not the places where guests merely pay stay-charges. A Youth Hostel offers fun, friendship & warm welcome to all those who travel on their own steam, thus promotes youth travel by providing budgeted hostelling facilities to young people on their educational excursions to historical & cultural centers, intended to foster feelings of better understanding of each other, gain knowledge about the diversities of the country & encounter natural beauty.
Ø  Youth Hostelling primarily is based on the principle of community accommodation in the form of dormitories –separate for ladies & gents, a dining hall with self-service, a common room or lounge where hostellers meet, discuss & get to know each other.
Ø  It is a non-religious, non-political & non-commercial Unit without discrimination based on race, color, sex, caste, creed or social background.
Ø  Overnight charges are kept to the minimum so that the youth with limited means can avail the stay facility.
Ø  Its functioning is as per the norms, rules & regulations laid down by Hostelling International with a slight variation, suiting to local conditions. 
Ø  It promotes youth travel & youth activity programmes.