The Youth Hostel movement has welded the youthful elements in the country into unbreakable fraternity. In order to promote this spirit further, and develop in them love and care for nature and its inhabitants, YHAI has been organizing various adventure and trekking programmes.

These programmes are being organized in some of the most extreme terrains of the country, be it the mountains, deserts, caves, beaches or just the woods!

These programmes are highly popular amongst the youth as they not only enhance their leadership trait but, also develop in them a sense of togetherness, national integration and concern about social and developmental issues.

YHAI programmes fall under the categories:

Ø  Adventure and Trekking

Ø  Nature study

Ø  Environment Awareness

Ø  Family Camps

The above programmes seek to encourage awareness, knowledge, courage and mutual understanding amongst people. “Back to Nature” is our slogan, as the nature is an everlasting, bubbling fountain of bliss and joy. A stream, flowing in a meandering musing motion, a dark forest, a sheep dotted pasture, a snow capped shone in the light of the setting sun, the rising and falling waves of the ocean, the sun kissed crunching sands of the beaches, all of these have an everlasting impression on the mind  & give us food for thought in our calm hours!