Once an affiliate with YHAI, the Licensee Youth Hostel is benefitted in several ways:

Ø  The affiliated property is a part of the large network of the HI family

Ø  Publicity and Promotion on domestic as well as international platforms, on print and online media both

Ø  Free of cost property listing on YHAI website, as well as on the international HI website

Ø  Without incurring any additional cost, your property can be booked online by the members, through the YHAI, or HI website

Ø  Access to a member base of 4.5 million, across the globe

Ø  50% share of membership fee, on each member generated by the youth hostel

Ø  Low Investment (Rs. 3000/ pa) & High Returns (see table),  good profile customers

Ø  Members prefer Youth Hostels, as they are considered safe, secure and hygienic. They are the best budgeted accommodations available.