Any hotel property or Guest House, which is properly registered and wishes to join the YHAI Network, can send their application to become a Licensee Youth Hostel with YHAI via YHAI website, written application to the State Branch, or directly to the National Office.


The interesetd apllicant can follow te process below:

Ø  Download the franchisee application form, from the website, or get it from any of the State Branches. You can also get it from the National Office

Ø  Fill up the form and submit it with required photographs

Ø  YHI will inspect the proposed property

Ø  Approval from YHAI on the basis of inspection report

Ø  The approved property will receive an approval and welcome letter

Ø  The approved property will receive a fee submission letter

Ø  Receiving of signed agreement along with affiliation fees, at YHAI

Ø  Mailing back the signed agreement copy and fee receipt, YHAI issues Licensee Certificate, with validity period mentioned on the basis of inspection report

The entire duration of the process is 30-45 days.