All Licensee/Franchisee Youth Hostels must meet the following standards:



Ø  Hostels should be opened to all & accessible to guests 24 hours a day

Ø  No discrimination on the basis of race, colour, nationality, religion, disability, age, gender or sexual orientation

Ø  YHA hostel staff to be trained to meet the needs of the guests

Ø  Hostel should display Information about YHAI & its Membership and other services at the reception

Ø  Hostel should display information about tourist places in the local area, public transport services & other valued information to the guest

Ø  Staff training to place a strong emphasis on a friendly helpful approach and making guests feel welcome



Ø  YHA hostels to meet local Health and Building Safety Regulations

Ø  All surfaces, furniture, bedding and equipment, must be clean

Ø  Proper care to be taken for any seepage, leakage or smell in the hostel

Ø  Staff should follow proper cleanliness in attire, especially when preparing and serving food and beverages

Ø  A good night's sleep (including the hire of freshly-laundered linen if it is not included in the overnight charge), and sufficient washing/shower facilities

Ø  Surrounding grounds to be keep neat, clean, safe and tidy and maintained in an environmentally conscious way



Ø  Appropriate steps to be taken for ensuring the security of guests & their possessions, including lockers for luggage & valuables, restricting unauthorized persons from entering the hostel premises

Ø  Staff to be trained to handle emergency situations, recognize risks to the personal security or peaceful enjoyment of guests, and to assist guests who are injured or suffering illness

Ø  YHA hostels to meet all applicable safety regulations and to hold current certificates of registration, as required by statutory authorities, and all required health and safety certificates



Ø  The Manager must ensure that the right to privacy of all guests is respected at all times

Ø  Privacy for men and women in hostel wherever possible



Ø  All YHA hostels must ensure the general comfort of their guests

Ø  Adequate ventilation with sufficient room floor area and ceiling height

Ø  YHA hostels to have an adequate supply of running water in rooms

Ø  All YHA hostels shall provide laundry service, which allows guests to do their personal laundry if it is not available in the vicinity

Ø  Guests may be able to purchase some food items at the hostel or there should be a food shop in the vicinity

Ø  Preferably a public telephone to be available in the hostel or in the vicinity


Note: YHAI conducts regular inspection programmes to check whether these quality standards are followed and ensures that customer service standards are met.