About Us

Goa provides a multitude of natural attractions and its spell is so deep that one cannot resist the temptation of visiting again and again this land, where colorful customs and traditions strive to keep pace with the fast tempo of modern life.
Since 2001, the Youth Hostel Association of India, Goa State Branch has been successfully organizing the National Trekking Expedition in Goa along with the Family Adventure Camping. Family Adventure Camping was introduced for the families of the participants who were not in position to trek but wanted to have the feel of same. The state capital is Panaji.
 In 2009, we introduced The Goa Biking Expedition for adventure lovers. This trail passes through the longest beach stretch in Goa, through dense forest, geological rock formations and historical temples and churches.
All the Expeditions are organized by Youth Hostel Association of India in collaboration with Sports Authority of Goa.
The Goa State Branch operates through 5 Branch Units and there are 3 Youth Hostels located in Goa which are well monitored by the State Branch in coordination with the National Office.