Travelling abroad can be a wonderful experience if, it is safe, well managed, properly guided and well planned.

Taking care of some basic things, we can avoid unpleasant experiences and, make the trip enjoyable to all:

ü  Once you have decided the country and place to visit make, sure you get the VISA and Passport on time and get all your clearances. As some countries allow VISA on Arrival, check and plan accordingly. Also, make note of the period of your passport validity.

ü  Get your tickets ‘to and fro’ well in advance.

ü  Get your travel insured. Also do get your travel and contact details registered.

ü  Learn about the local laws and customs of the country you wish to visit.

ü  Check your complete itinerary and legal documents.

ü  Try to take less with you and travel light to make your journey convenient and comfortable.

ü  Check your credit cards and know about the currency of the place you are visiting.

ü  Know about the transport facility and road safety of the country.

ü  Plan your stay well. Hostelling International has more than 4500 youth hostels across 90 countries. YHAI members can wish to choose any amongst them according to the availability; these are some of the best budgeted accommodations available around the world. The listing of these hostels and online booking option is available on the website-

ü  YHAI members learn and participate in the programs organized by the Youth Hostel Association of that particular country.