A journey to India- The Land of Gods, is always fulfilling mentally, spiritually and physically. It is known best for its hospitality and warmth. With the mighty Himalayas in the North and the deep blue Indian Ocean in South, this is a country that leaves your soul ever enchanting!

While travelling this beautiful land, there are certain things that one should take care of:

Ø  Plan well in advance and book all your tickets. Indian Railway provides online booking and there is a Tatkal scheme available, for short term planning as well.

Ø  Get all your VISA and passport ready, well in time and learn about the customs.

Ø  If you are planning to stay more than 180 days in India, you need to register within 14 days of your arrival to the Foreigners Regional Registration Office (FRRO), in New Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai and Kolkata.

Ø  Do get your travel insured and get it registered, with your contact details.

Ø  Travel light.

Ø  Learn the state laws and customs.

Ø  Take basic and necessary health measures and travel with your routine medicines.

Ø  Know about the festivals in the season, as it can help o know about the busy routes.

Ø  You can choose to travel by train, bus or taxis. Both private and government transport modes are available. You can also book taxis for short routes that are governed by the State Transport Corporation.

Ø  Know about the prevailing weather and climate conditions, according to the season. India has extreme climatic conditions at different places at the same time, so, plan accordingly.

Ø  HI members can book their stay at any f the Youth Hostels in India. These Youth Hostels are associated with the Youth Hostels Association of India- New Delhi. There are more than 70 Youth Hostels available and they provide one of the best budgeted accommodations. You can also plan to participate in the activities or event organized by YHAI.