Travelling within India is always fun as you can never know what is in store for you; the journey is always surprising and quaint. If you are thinking of exploring this wonderful country of vibrant culture and rich cuisine, there are some important things that you should take care of, to make your journey a memorable one:

Ø  Make sure you have planned your destination according to the visiting season, as this country can offer extreme climatic conditions at different places at the same time. So, check the weather condition of your destination, particularly, beforehand.

Ø  There can be many modes of transportation to travel, train bus, or taxis. If you plan to go by train, book tickets in advance, and also you should know about the ‘ Tatkal’ scheme. You can book tickets online as well. If planning by bus, there are various options available, private as well as government transport. Taxis are also a good option if there are short distances. This can avoid your commissions to the travel agents.

Ø  Plan your route and the halts well. YHAI has their Youth Hostels in more than 20 states in India are located in some of the most pristine and most visited parts of the country. These hostels not only offer strict hygeine and cleanliness, but they also provide one of the most convenient and pleasant stays available. You can have this option to book your lodging in one of them online. YHAI website has got the listing of all the Youth Hostels. Make sure you carry your membership card with you.

Ø  Not the least, it is better to know about the culture and people of the particular region, this is an added advantage as you will find it easy communicating with localites and understanding them better. You can also find out which cuisine is available and what all are the popularities.

Besides these, one should not forget about 'A Traveler's Luck', as you can still be surprised!