Nature Conservation Walk by YHAI Faridabad Unit

'Nature Conservation Walk'
A Support Event by YHAI Faridabad Unit
A Report by 'Sanctuary Asia'
Youth Hostels Association of India (YHAI) FARIDABAD UNIT has successfully organised a “Nature Conservation Walk at Manger Forest Area & Lake” on Sunday the July 28th, 2013 in support of “The Sanctuary Asia –Save the Tiger” #LeaveMeAlone Campaign” on the eve of "Global Tiger Day”; wherein more than 60 YHAI members & other volunteers including Men, Women & Children from all walks of life had participated.
The participants reported at Badkhal Gymkhana Club, Faridabad and moved to Mangar Police Outpost on Faridabad--Gurgaon Road wherein more people joined. The walk lead by Mr. Tariq Badar, Mr. Maninder Singh and Mrs. Uma Vaish started around 7.15 AM and reached Manger Lake. On the way volunteers explained to the participants & local population about the necessity of saving Tigers, Leopards & other lower species and also about the need to conserve Forests & Water Bodies. The group returned after covering the total distance of 5 kms around 10.15 AM had light snacks and continued with discussions. 
During the course of walk the group enjoyed nature watch and other activities including pre & post-walk talks on Tiger Conservation given by Mr. Tariq Badar, Chairman YHAI -Faridabad Unit, Mr. Maninder Singh, Secretary- YHAI Faridabad Unit, Mr. Amal Kumar. Some children also gave presentations on the issue and many participants including Mr. P.C. Vaish, Mr. R.C. Sharma, Mr. Paritosh Singh, Ms. Khushboo Gupta, Ms. Sonali Agarwal, Ms. Lida Domanic and Mr. Sunil - a resource person from Manger village expressed their views. The participants had fruitful interactions with each other on individual level as well.
The group disbursed after having lunch hosted by senior YHAI member Mr. Mohinder Khurana.