Individual Membership

Membership Fee on Counter at National Office, New Delhi

  1. JUNIOR (AGE BETWEEN 10 & 18 YEARS) (for 1 YEAR) : Rs. 100/- (Inclusive of 9% CGST + 9% SGST )
  2. ONE YEAR (AGE ABOVE 18 YEARS): Rs. 200/-( Inclusive of 9% CGST + 9% SGST)
  3. TWO YEAR (AGE ABOVE 18 YEARS) : Rs. 350/-(Inclusive of 9% CGST + 9% SGST)
  4. LIFE MEMBERSHIP (ABOVE 18 YEARS) (for lifetime) : Rs. 3000/- (Inclusive of 9% CGST + 9% SGST)


The Individual Environment Charter  is as follows:

  1. Adopt environment practices and be Nature-friendly.
  2. Minimize and possibly avoid usage of plastic and suggest other’s do the same.  Make the habit of carrying a bag whenever you go to market.
  3. Plant trees and protect trees.
  4. Dispose of waste after segregation i.e. disposes of waste properly, responsibly and categorically.
  5. Promote recycle and reuse, purchase products made of recycled/reused materials.
  6. Use the energy resources judiciously.  Promote energy conservation.  The switch of electrical appliances when not in use, and install energy efficient lighting.
  7. Use public transport, promote cycling and walking which will help in keeping fit and help in preventing pollution too.
  8. Consume water wisely and advise others also to do so.
  9. Promote renewable energy resources such as solar power etc.
  10. Do not litter in public places.

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Note: One-year membership is applicable for calendar year on all YHAI memberships.

YHAI- IYTC Co-Branded Membership
  1. This membership is valid for 1 year in which, a person gets dual membership of YHAI & IYTC (International Youth Travel Card), that includes more than 40, 000 discounts on accommodation, food, entertainment, and many other categories, all over the world.
  2. Moreover, the membership is endorsed by the UNESCO.

There is an upper age limit of 30 yr. to apply for this membership.   Both the benefits of YHAI and IYTC are applied to this membership type, internationally.

YHAI- IYTC MEMBERSHIP (11- 30 YEARS) (for 1 YEAR) : Rs. 600/-

(Inclusive of 9% CGST + 9% SGST)

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Institutional membership

Up to 12th Standard

  1. For 1 year: Rs.1000/-(Inclusive of 9% CGST + 9% SGST)
  2. For 5 years: Rs. 4000/-(Inclusive of 9% CGST + 9% SGST)

Above 12th Standard

  1. For 1 year: Rs.2000/-(Inclusive of 9% CGST + 9% SGST)
  2. For 5 years: Rs. 8000/-(Inclusive of 9% CGST + 9% SGST)

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You can download the membership form and send filled application form along with the following:

  1. Photograph (two for life membership)
  2. Membership Fee and registered postage charges through Demand Draft
  3. Identity cum address proof

Demand Draft should be made in favor of "YOUTH HOSTELS ASSOCIATION OF INDIA" payable at New Delhi. You can send your filled membership application form along with the above mentioned enclosures at the address given below:

  1. Youth Hostels Association of India
  2. 5, Nyaya Marg, Chanakyapuri
  3. New Delhi-110021
  4. Tel: 7827999000
  5. Email:

PS. Only the residents of India or Indian Nationals can apply for the YHAI membership. Foreign Nationals & NRIs have to apply from their respective country.