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(Travelling from Kharghar to Kharghar hills & back by road, Tea, Morning Break-fast, snacks & guide fee)

* BREIF DESCRIPTION OF THE PROGRAM:       Meet at Youth Hostel Kharghar at 8 -830 AM                                                                               Option of pick up at Kharghar railway station, at extra cost (Rs 100)   

Reporting Time – 8.00 am to 08:30 am

At the end of Driving range, near Golf Club
Start trek of  Kharghar hill (off Driving range, Next to Golf Club ) after Tea & B/f  

Three hours Trek to Waterfall, followed by snacks, Return by 2 PM back to Kharghar (Driving range , near Golf Club)   

Trekking in Kharghar  ;                                      It is lush green foothill , with seasonal waterfalls that attract birds, wildlife
            Return to Kharghar by  around 3 pm

Trekking is an activity, which involves walking over hilly/mountainous, rocky, wild terrain and involves participants in more so physically exhausting rather than mentally exhausting routines. Walking across trails and pathways is an art of the activity. Trekking involves in following a trail or a path from one destination to other; going downhill to uphill, or going downhill from uphill and routes can also be lead to find new trails and pathways. Ascent is part of trekking or mountaineering, which involves going from a low altitude (down) position to a higher altitude (up/high) position, going up- a hill or a mountain. Descent is the part of trekking or mountaineering, which involves going from a higher altitude (high/up) position to a lower altitude (down/lower) position, going down- a hill or a mountain. Whatever be the trekking duration and trekking grade, trekking shoes are a must and must be worn at all times and incidences, they protect against snakebites and stings of other insects and provide maximum protection from rocks and path debris and gives a good grip over surface for better maneuvering. Trekking can also use other useful products such as sunglasses, caps, and water bottles, haversacks, walking sticks, tents for camping, clothes, other military and life purpose materials. People also use various camping gear, trekking gear and use climbing gear during trekking and mountaineering.


Kharghar  is situated on Mumbai – Panvel- Pune  Highway

Easy to approach by train CST –Panvel harbor trains, State Transport buses, local and private buses

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Our Bank Name is Canara Bank, Kharghar/Bank Account name Youth Hostel Kharghar
Bank Account number is 2855201000355/ Type of account Current 
IFSC code CNRB0002855
MICR code 400015134


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* SAFETY & SECURITY: This place and route is well-known, no extra security required. All participants will take precaution on slippery rocks and trails. Youth Hostel Kharghar or Organizers are not responsible for any injuries caused on this account


ACCOMMODATION FACILITIES:                      

Optional – Overnight accommodation at Youth Hostel-Kharghar at extra cost, as applicable

Kharghar youth hostel is three storey row house with elevator The ground floor has 2+1 Bed dormitory(Rs 650 per bed per night

First and second floor has 1BHK air conditioned apartments. We Two bed  suite for couple and  4 beds for family suite.(Rs 1760 /Rs 2090 for couple suite /Family per night for YHAI members)

Youth Hostel Kharghar will offer complimentary lunch or dinner for stay/complimentary drop to Kharghar hills starting point of trek at Driving range next to Golf Club

* FOOD & WATER SUPPLIES:                            Simple vegetarian food and natural filtered water. Participants may bring water bottle,  B/F will be served  and Veg. snacks  will be served on hill  

* WHAT PARTICIPANTS SHOULD BRING ALONG: Sun cap, water bottle, rain coat/wind, pair of extra cloths, Walking stick , Camera & Binocular at own risk                



Go Green: Zero Waste Trek Policy

Ø  We will not serve anything with plastic wrapping

Ø    Do not litter any plastic in mountains If you see any plastic disposed , please pick it up and bring it down for recycling.

Ø   Spread fruit seeds on mountains (Jamun, Mango, Jackfruit, Seetlhal(Custard Apple), Dalimb/Anar /Pomegranate)