Explore Dalhousie Winter Trek!

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No wonder that The Earl of Dalhousie established this scenic, mountain destination as a summer retreat. Such is the allure of this place! We have seen quite a number of Hindi films, where Dalhousie has played as important a role as the lead cast! Now, through YHAI, Dear Member, you get to explore this delight in the Chamba district, Himachal Pradesh. Situated on five hills, Dalhousie is a perfect winter trek for new trekkers, with the highest altitude reaching about 7550 ft.

This trek has a rare combination of three ecosystems: lake, pasture and forest. The biggest attraction is the visit to Khajjiar, very famously termed as “Mini Switzerland”. Situated at 6,500 ft above sea level in the foothills of the Dhauladhar ranges, it is part of the Kalatop Khajjiar Sanctuary.

Once you report at the base camp at Devidehra, you will experience the fresh adventure about to start. From staying in the clean and well-accommodated tents, your brief stay at Devidehra will give you a thrill.








As with all treks, whether long or short, YHAI ensures that your stay and experience is truly secure and comfortable, while you can still enjoy the wilderness. Hence, the acclimatization walk and the orientation session are not to be missed. They bring you together with your fellow trek-mates and prepare you with tips and tricks for the adventure ahead.

From Devidehra, you move onwards on the first trekking day to Talai camp. The route is scenic amongst the deodar trees. This is the place where you should be able to experience snow and enjoy the cold! Take some time out to enjoy the surroundings; far removed from the routine of your everyday life. The mountains reach out to you. The Talai camp is welcoming and if the weather permits, you will savour the night sky with the bright stars.

From Talai, the next day, in high spirits you set out to Khajjiar. The sunrise and sunset are spectacular against the backdrop of the majestic, serene Dhauladhar range peaks. Khajjiar is at the base of the Dhauladhar range. The trail to Khajjiar will be with snow and the cold. It is like living a dream; of being in the movies and enjoying oneself. Khajjiar is the place for you, dear Member – within a stone’s throw of the skies!

The return journey to Mangla is a long downhill descent; and after the high of Talai and Khajjiar, appears never-ending. Descent has to be handled with care, and you have to be prepared for the slow walk. You will pass by villages, where the village children will greet you with whoops of joy, giving you much energy for the next step. The neat, terrace farms appear picture-perfect and well-arranged. The welcoming sight of Mangla camp is much needed and you will be happy to be able to rest after that long descent!

The transfer to base camp is by a jeep or a bus. The ride passes through truly charming mountain sights. The picturesque setting is the perfect backdrop to end this adventure and the year.

This rather short six-day trek can also be a perfect family getaway. From base camp to the trekking endpoint, you will trek around 30 km. I would suggest you plan your trip with additional days thrown in to take in the sights of Dalhousie, rounding up 2020 in the most spectacular fashion.

YHAI has opened this trail from the 10th of Dec to 31st of Dec, 2020 with all care and SOPs in place for a successful trek. Special care has been taken to ensure that all trekkers and support staff are well aware of the new norms in place.

Here’s your chance to say Welcome to 2021 in “Mini Switzerland”!



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