Let’s Go!…In a group or solo?

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With India unlocking in phases, the adventure-seeker whose plans have been dashed is looking at various options. We at YHAI are eager to welcome you back to the placid plateaus, the meandering mountains and the serene snow-filled tracks. The YHAI family is a mixed bunch of novice and seasoned traveller; the young and the old, and today- the category that I am focussing on – the Group Traveller vis-à-vis the Solo Traveller.

“Wandering, one gathers honey”, isn’t just the tagline of YHAI. It is the driving force behind the different initiatives that YHAI leads. And this wandering can be done, either in a pre-decided group or by doing it solo. Both of which has its distinct pros and cons.











A group gives you inherent safety. On difficult terrain, when the weather and therefore the nature of the trek cannot be a certainty, having a group of like-minded travellers is a boon. You have known each other from before; you now bond again. Such bonding in harsh weather, dull food and spartan living conditions can actually make or break a friendship. The comfort level that each one has and the strain and stress that each one can ensure strengthens the group. That is why, at the end of every trek, initial acquaintances forge stronger bonds.

This infact encourages the solo traveller – the one for who travelling is therapeutic – who knows that at a YHAI outing he is sure to create friendships with other solo travellers. In fact, the number of women solo travellers is increasing. So, dear Trekker  , you can be rest assured that with us, your safety and that of your fellow trekkers is well-taken care of.

The silence of the mountains, the long single-file trails are all ideally suited for the person who has come here to escape from the constant buzz that has become “regular life” now. This solo traveller makes mental notes of what he observes, inhales the beauty and the clean air, and is blissful by himself or herself. On the other hand, the boisterous group will pep up everyone else’s energies too – breaking into a song and dance or regaling with anecdotes.












There are some destinations where solo travel could be preferred – a place of deep personal connection – where you wish to be yourself and rejuvenate your spirits. On a budget travel and yet with the freedom to choose what and which experiences to pick are important draws for the solo traveller. If your primary concerns are safety and comfort-levels, than having a group with you gets you into the travel game.












Of course, there are umpteen YHAI stories, where a trekker comes by himself and goes back having made some strong friendships. After all, it is rightly said,

“There are no strangers in this world; just friends we haven’t met, yet.”

We don’t advocate any particular mode of travelling; but we do advocate that your love of nature keep growing. Try out cycling or mountain biking or trekking and in each such journey by YHAI, you will meet fellow nature-lovers!

C’mon then! Start planning for that long overdue adventure.

By Sonia Kuncalienker

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