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Himachal Pradesh, has an abundance of greenery, snow-capped peaks, simple villagers & mesmerizing views. This beautiful cycling route in Himachal Pradesh takes you through Jalori pass & Tirthan valley which are one of the best camping locations in the state. Jalori Pass is a steady climb from Aut base camp with beautiful views of the snow-capped Dhauladhar ranges.
You will also be cycling in Tirthan Valley named after the pristine Teerth River, also a UNESCO World Heritage Site – The Great Himalayan National Park (GHNP), spread over an area of 1100 sq kilometers. It is a scenic landscape & heaven for bird photography & trekkers.
On the way you will be cycling through lot of small towns & villages. Sojha & Jibhi camp being termed at par in beauty with any European mountain vistas. It is also a challenging route for cyclists and you will be amidst the beautiful greenery of Himachal.

Cycling also is one of the best cardio-vascular and knee exercises. It will also help you be fitter and improve your immunity. Not to forget the training given by our experienced hand-picked Mountain biking Instructors and camp leaders will be with you the rest of your life.

Aut is a cozy village in Mandi district amidst mountains & Beas river flowing alongside which provides magnificent views of the valley. It is just at the exit of Jalori tunnel. After reporting at Base camp you can either rest the whole day or immerse in the surrounding natural scenery while you get acquainted with other participants along the banks of Beas.







We start the day with a warm cup of tea and some basic stretching exercises to warm up for the day. After a healthy breakfast we go for an acclimatization walk uphill to a nearby picturesque village and a height gain of few hundred feet before returning back to our base camp for lunch.
Afternoon we distribute the mountain bikes and safety gears like Helmet & Elbow knee guard. Post distribution you will be learning bikefit, shifting gears, braking, riding manners etc. We conduct a practice ride of few kilometres uphill to test your stamina, downhill bike handling skills & gear shifting & braking technique. Returning back you pack for the next 5 days of adventure with as little as required as you will be carrying your luggage in a small rucksack for the next few days on your cycle carrier. After dinner the group assembles for a get together knowing each other and a hot cup of Bournvita.
By 10PM we call it a day because as they say “early to bed, early to rise…makes a cyclist – healthy, happy and wise”

Childlike enthusiasm grips you as we leave our base camp to embark on an adventure of a lifetime, our ride starts by pedaling through Jalori tunnel for 3 kms followed by multiple bridge crossings with Tirth river giving you company and apple orchards on both sides. Packed Lunch from Base camp can be enjoyed by a stream or under a tree.
The ride brings you in close proximity with the rustic life as you cross multiple villages on your way towards Manglore where we halt for the night. In the early evening post ride participants can take a stroll alongside Tirth River with the sunset adding to the lovely riverside scenery.

Today we ride a short distance of 13 kms through a narrow route to jibhi as we pass through old towns and villages adorned with pine trees and apple or plum orchards in backyards of most households.
Also, your stamina is tested on the continuous climbs and as you start gaining altitude. After such an enthralling ride participants can take a walk to a waterfall to the vicinity of our campsite if you are still left craving for more scenic views.







Today a challenge awaits you. As you will encounter a route filled with hairpin bends & steep gradients but all of your painstaking efforts will be taken away by the breathtaking views of snow clad Dhauladhar mountain ranges when you pedal your way to Jalori Pass. The local tea and snack shops will refuel you on the way to sojha.
The Pine trees flocking on both sides sway and greet you as the pure Himalayan breeze blowing through them makes a music which is soothing and relaxing. Our campsite -Sojha offers you the best views of Mother Nature as you explore trails in the evening which will remain as one of your favorite campsite. Tea at evening with the grand view of the Dhauladhar peaks will provide happiness and rejuvenate your mind and body.

On 6th day we head early morning to Jalori Pass. At 10,000 ft it commands the best view of the Dhauladhar mountain range. The snow-capped peaks are a sight to behold. Also, you can trek to one of the forts nearby. Many Bollywood movies have used this scenic pass as a background. Do surely visit the Temple at Jalori Pass. After Lunch at Sojha camp we ride downhill towards Tirthan valley a UNESCO World Heritage site. The name is derived from Teerth River which flows through this valley. Tirthan is an offbeat destination that has something to offer for everyone. This tranquil valley is ideal for trekking, wildlife watching, fishing and discovering under-explored hill villages. The jaw dropping landscape dominated by snow kissed mountains, dense coniferous forest and sprawling alpine meadows which will leave you craving for more.
As you reach the campsite, one can settle down in the serene surroundings with Teerth River flowing nearby. Come out with your cameras and binoculars for spotting pristine Himalayan flora and fauna. You can trek to nearby trails enjoying the greenery and solitude. Tea at evening is served and all riders gather together to enjoy the tranquil campsite with birdcalls at sunset merging with the melody of gushing Teerth River. After dinner riders gather to enjoy the views of a clear dark sky glittering with twinkling stars.

Today is mostly downhill as we take similar route back towards our basecamp at Aut. Cycle servicing is done by cyclists which is taught by our experienced Camp Incharge and Camp Leaders. Being the last day of the expedition one is filled with both satisfaction and life long memories made over the last few days. We will cap it off by presenting certificates while engaging in eventful stories and instances from the past days at the Certification Ceremony at night.

On our final day post breakfast we bid adieu to each other and promise to stay in touch as we’ve created countless memories in the past few days. Many of us would already be making plans for next biking expeditions as we leave our campsite with an experience of a lifetime and lifelong friendships made in the scenic valleys of Himachal

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