YHAI’s Weekend Adventure – Chal jaayenge Lonavla!

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Come Friday and it’s time to pack those long-in-waiting bags and set out to Lonavla. A visit to Lonavla at any time of the year is relaxing and breath-inducing. As we start moving around and taking in short-much-needed breaks, a weekend adventure to Lonavla is just perfect. Do you know how the name Lonavla came about? Well, it is refers to Leni (meaning cave) and avali (series, a range). And surely, you will get ample time to explore the various caves like Bhaja caves, Karle caves during your weekend trip.

Aptly called ‘the home of Green Valleys’, Lonavla is a treasure place waiting to be explored. Even if you have visited this serene beauty earlier, every trip is a delight. The nearest airport is at Pune, though you can also reach via Mumbai. It is an important junction and falls almost midway between Mumbai and Pune. These special weekend adventure trips are curated with just the right amount of adventure and comfort, keeping in mind all the necessary precautions and SOPs that have to be handled.

On reaching at the YHAI Hostel at Malavli, you have time till lunch to relax and rest. After a hot lunch, we set out for sightseeing around the place. Lonavla is dotted with multiple natural locations that are a pleasure for photographers and all those who visit it. Lion’s point is a viewpoint midway between Bhushi Dam and Aamby Valley and is a splendid start to the sightseeing.













Duke’s Nose, which is quite near Khandala, offers panoramic views of the surrounding mountains. Named after the Duke of Wellington with a close resemblance to the nose, a rocky climb takes you to the top, where you can walk along the sides. This cliff is pointed like a snake pointed head portion (hood) and hence it is known as Nagphani. You can spend much time here and enjoy nature’s unsophisticated beauty, while enjoying the pleasant environs. We have also scheduled a trip to Rajmachi Fort.

As the sun bids us good-bye for another day, we go to Sunset Point. It is said that each sunset is a masterpiece, and this actually rings true here. It feels like the sky is also enjoying in this play of colours that the setting sun is colouring it with.

On return to the hostel for the night, you can enjoy some pleasant chats and friendly discussions with your team. Day two will start after a hearty breakfast. With a packed lunch, we set out to trek Lohagad Fort and Bhaja caves. It is a nice short trek to include in the weekend holiday, making it adventurous. A short diversion on way to Lohagad will take you to the Bhaja caves, which were once home to Buddhist monks. You will also experience beautiful flora and fauna of the region.

YHAI Lonovala

After setting the mood, day three is chalked out for a visit to Karle Caves and Ekvira Devi temple. Time to give some exercise to those feet, as we walk up the approx 500 steps. Situated on a hilltop, next to the Karle Buddhist caves, this trip is a must for those visiting Lonavla. The Ekvira Devi temple is dedicated to Durga Devi and the nearby caves boast of some ancient architecture. This is your last day and after lunch, you can visit market area and shop for the delectable Lonavla chikki, while biding good-bye to Lonavla!

It is worth a mention that we at YHAI are taking every care for your safety. Masks for all our staff and support team, social distancing at all places possible, temperature measured each day are all measures that we follow to make your stay enjoyable.

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By Sonia Kuncalienker


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